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Oziengbe Okonokhua

Oziengbe Okonokhua

Dr. Ozy stands as a distinguished Optometrist, with a stellar academic background marked by an outstanding distinction from Abia State University. His commitment to the field is underscored by his notable positions as a distinguished fellow of the Nigerian Optometric Association and a Resident of the Nigerian College of Optometrists, where he has garnered significant acclaim for his contributions and achievements.

In addition to his academic prowess, Dr. Ozy has demonstrated exceptional leadership within the Nigerian Optometric Association, where he not only holds a prestigious position but has also served as the President of the Association. His multifaceted involvement extends beyond the realm of optometry, as he has assumed numerous leadership roles in prominent organizations such as Lions Club International and several others, further solidifying his reputation as a respected figure in various spheres.

Beyond his role as an Optometrist, Dr. Ozy’s administrative acumen shines through his positions as an Administrator and Director within the FCT Civil Service. His impact in administrative capacities has been substantial, reflecting his ability to navigate complex organizational structures with finesse.

What truly sets Dr. Ozy apart is not just his professional expertise but also his exceptional communication skills. Renowned for his eloquence, he effortlessly engages audiences, making him a sought-after speaker in public forums. Dr. Ozy’s natural passion for training and public speaking has enhanced his ability to disseminate knowledge effectively, contributing to the enrichment of those under his guidance.

He served as the Director of Program and Projects of Okapi Children Cancer Foundation from 2020 before he was elected the Head of Management July 2022.