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Oluwakemi Sharifah Adekanye

Oluwakemi Sharifah Adekanye

Kemi is an accomplished professional serving as the Chief Volunteer, Founder, and Chairperson of the Board of Trustees for the Okapi Children Cancer Foundation.

Holding a Master’s in Business Administration, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics and Finance, a professional certificate in Business Accounting, and a Diploma in Public Relations, Kemi brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role.

Currently engaged in the Nigerian energy sector, Kemi boasts over 17 years of experience in finance and service-related organizations. Her commitment to philanthropy extends beyond her role with the Okapi Children Cancer Foundation, as she also sits on the advisory boards of two other non-profit organizations.

The establishment of the Okapi Children Cancer Foundation was a deeply personal endeavor for Kemi, born out of the loss of her brother to cancer in 2017. Driven by a passion to serve humanity, Kemi dedicates herself to various causes, with a particular focus on children, women, and the less privileged in society.

In addition to her professional and philanthropic pursuits, Kemi is a devoted mother to three daughters and has embraced many adopted children into her life.